The Ursuline Prep School Hoarding Competition

Posted December 2016

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Knight Build has spent a lot of time working with The Ursuline Prep School carrying out a Road Safety Week 2016 Arts Competition with 160 school children.

Each of the 160 school children were given individual goodie bags and the competition was split into 4 different categories with the winner of each category receiving an additional prize, a trophy and a framed certificate presented by Ivor GoodSite.

The school children were also given a safety talk on Road Safety Week together with some of the basic dangers of a construction site.

Each of the Road Safety Week Arts competition pictures were laminated and displayed on the hoarding split into the 4 categories. You will see the lovely thank you card from the schoolchildren attached, and we are further developing the hoarding with the school children to enter into the Ivor GoodSite Hoarding competition in Feb 2017.