Knight Build take the lead with Green Cup initiatives replacing all Styrofoam cups

Posted January 2018

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Knight Build has once again shown its green credentials with a significant change to its company-wide drinking cup policy.

Following a single conversation between Knight Build directors, it was decided to replace all existing styrofoam cups on all sites and at our head office.  At the drop of a hat, we have been able to stop over 100,000 styrofoam cups a year ending up in landfill sites and potentially the oceans.

Our new Green Cups are made from plant starch and are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable.  Left to their own devices, these cups will decompose in less than 6 months rather than hanging around in the environment for up to a thousand years, as is the case with standard styrofoam varieties.

Rather than implement a gradual transition over a number of years like the high street coffee chains and supermarkets, we favoured a big bang approach and implemented the change with immediate effect.